Cycle on the best city-bicycle of Bangkok!

30 November 2019

After more than 200 years of the invention of the bicycle, we at Recreational Bangkok Biking are happy to present to you the best city touring bike in Bangkok!

Our newest bicycle just got delivered at our office. Designed by our founder Andre Breuer, based on a minimum of 15 years of cycle experience in the biggest city of Thailand.

Our newest bicycle is cool, luxurious and safe.

Resistant to trips through the concrete city jungle and the green jungle on the other side of the river. Our bicycle comes with chains that do not run off the gear, tires that do not deflate, great suspension, a good saddle and is also equipped with the one safest child seats in the market.

Most bicycles come from China in Asia and Europe nowadays. So does the new RBB bicycle, but our bicycle has been compiled in every detail by our founder Andre Breuer. The safest child seats possible come from the Netherlands, where almost all parents bring their youngest children to school by bicycle.

The RBB founder found the cheaper bikes that are for sale in Bangkok to be of insufficient quality. So he went looking for the best factory in China, where the staff was able to deliver exactly what he wanted.

Thinking about the perfect bike has raised our esteem for the inventor of the bike.

A tribute to the German Karl Drais, who designed his “laufmaschine” in 1817: A wooden frame with wooden wheels, but without handlebars and pedals. You moved yourself forward with your legs.

The pedals are a French invention. The first bicycle factory was established in France in 1864.

The modern bike as we know it comes from an idea that British John Kemp Starley had. In 1885 he fitted the bicycle with a chain drive that was connected to the rear wheel.

We think we have further perfected the legacy of all these inventors for Thailand.

And we are sure that you will agree that cycling with Recreational Bangkok Biking is now even more enjoyable!

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