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Chiang Mai

About Recreational Chiang Mai Biking

During my first visit to Thailand in 2004 I fell immediately in love with the country, the warmness of the people, their culture, the delicious food and the tropical climate. I found out that a one week holiday was way too short to explore all the beauty of this fascinating country; I needed and had to come back.

After visiting Thailand twice a year for three years for my annual month’s holiday, I finally made the decision to stay in Thailand. Chiang Mai with its rich cuisine, beautiful mountains, lush countryside and stunning rice fields would become my new home back in 2007.

Having a hospitality and culinary background, it made perfect sense to utilize these skills and incorporate them into our cycling tours. This ensures we can share the hidden secrets of Chiang Mai with you. You will not only you get to see and smell Chiang Mai, but also get to taste a little bit of Chiang Mai during our excursions.

We welcome guests from all ages and have specialized private tours for groups or families with children. Our tours are inclusive of water, soft drinks and snacks along the way together with a delicious local lunch.

Join us on an unforgettable cycling experience through stunning rice fields and local communities while visiting local markets, schools and small factories.

Our team of well-trained cycling guides is ready to show you the hidden secrets of Chiang Mai and to answer all your questions during our cycling tours.

We look forward to meeting you or your party on one of our fun cycling adventures.

Fokke van Egmond
Recreational Chiang Mai Biking

Chiang Mai City Culture

Chiang Mai City Culture is a half day cycling tour that takes you through and around the rich centre of Chiang Mai.

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Colors of Chiang Mai

Colors of Chiang Mai is a 4-5 hour amazing bicycling tour through the southern part of Chiang Mai.

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Chiang Mai Paradise

Chiang Mai Paradise is a one day cycling adventure through the South-Eastern part of Chiang Mai.

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Secrets of Lamphun

‘Secrets of Lamphun’ is a 2 day cycling excursion that takes you through the enchanting province of Lamphun.

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Chiang Mai Treasures

‘Chiang Mai Treasures’ or ‘Treasures of Chiang Mai’ is a 3 day cycling adventure through Doi Saket – San Kamphaeng – Bo Sang – Chiang Mai. Participants are taken to areas where it looks like time stood still.

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