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Chiang Mai Biking

Colors of Chiang Mai

Our Colors of Chiang Mai bicycle tour is a 4-5 hour amazing bike adventure through the southern part of Chiang Mai.

The northern city Chiang Mai, known as the ‘Rose of the North’, maintains the allure it has held for travelers for centuries.
During the trip participants will learn and see parts of the rich cultural background of Chiang Mai.

The route takes us on quiet and green land roads, passing the historic settlement Wiang Kum Kam, founded in 1286 by King Mengrai. It was the capital of the Lanna empire for a period of only 10 years. We will see temples and ruins dating back hundreds of years.

We make a stop at a local temple enroute. The guide can tell you everything about this temple and about Buddhism in general.

Furthermore, we visit the McKean rehabilitation center; a former leper colony, once cut off from the outside world. Nowadays it is a rehabilitation center for people with many kinds of physical disabilities.

We continue our Chiang Mai bicycle tour and stop at an elementary school mostly attended by hilltribe children.

The ancient Lanna empire produced some of the finest ceramics ever to have been made. These days the northern region still is the major center of Thailand’s pottery industry. At a small pottery we watch the craftsmen make different shapes of pottery by hand.

Riding along the Ping River we breathe in the local atmosphere that makes Chiang Mai so special.
We stop at a local bakery where we have a delicious sweet bun while watching them produce many other different products.
At the market we see the same products back in small traditional shops; and here you have the opportunity to sample some of the most delicious and exotic fruits and other snacks.

During the Colors of Chiang Mai bicycle tour we stop every hour for a short rest and provide you with drinking water or a soft drink. Halfway through the trip we provide a small Thai meal (Khao Soy Kai) in a local restaurant.

Discover the hidden places of Chiang Mai through this recreational, cultural and educational half day Chiang Mai bicycle tour. Join this adventure to the unbeaten paths and to sites where old traditions continue to live on.

For a short video impression of our Colors of Chiang Mai bicycle tour, please click here.

Note: RBB reserves the right to change advertised itineraries, since schools and local shops may be closed during the weekend, school holidays and national holidays.

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