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The ‘Green Lung’ of Bangkok

Bangkok - August 19, 2016

Bangkok, capital of Thailand, known for its high-rise buildings, notorious for its traffic and never-ending traffic jams….. This Asian metropolis, with nicknames as the ‘City of Angels’ and the ‘Big Mango’, never sleeps.
Although Bangkok is well-known because of its beautiful temples, countless luxurious shopping malls and vibrant markets, there are plenty of less explored, non-touristy areas.

Most tourists, and even many local people, don’t know that there’s a gorgeous green and quiet oasis tucked away on the other side of the river. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the city…..

Bangkrachao, a small peninsula located in Phra Pradaeng district in the province Samut Prakan, is nestled along the mighty Chao Phraya River. This area, commonly referred to as the ‘Green Lung’ or ‘Jungle’ of Bangkok, is famous for its lush vegetation and rural atmosphere. No high-rise buildings, no pollution, no traffic jams, only tropical farmlands with coconut palms, banana trees, papaya trees and mango trees.
Because of strict planning laws high-rise buildings are prohibited here and it has kept the area in its pristine state.

Bangkrachao consists of a labyrinth of elevated pathways which allow you to explore places that can’t be reached by tour buses and cars.
Participants on our popular Colors of Bangkok and Colors of Bangkok Weekend Edition explore the ‘Green Lung’ of Bangkok by bike.


Cycling in Bangkrachao gives you the feeling that you’re cycling in the countryside, hundreds of kilometers away from the hectic city. The sight of a familiar Bangkok high-rise building in the distance reminds you again that you’re just a few kilometers away from the Thai capital.
For all those who don’t want to ride a bicycle, but still want to experience this beautiful green area, our Rickshaw & Hike the Colors of Bangkok excursion is the perfect choice.

If you’re staying in Bangkok during the weekend, you might consider to choose for our Colors of Bangkok Weekend Edition or Rickshaw & Hike the Colors of Bangkok. Both tours stop at Bang Nam Phueng riverside market which is only open on Saturday and Sunday.
Bang Nam Phueng riverside market was created to showcase the products of the region and to stimulate the local economy. It is a non-touristy market with lots of mouth-watering local delicacies, desserts and handicrafts native to the province. A great opportunity to try some unknown Thai delicacies here!

So if you want to experience Bangkok in a different and unique way, then one of our tours is absolutely the best way to do so!

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