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The weather & cycling in Thailand

Bangkok - May 25, 2016

Is it not too hot for a bicycle excursion?
Thailand is a tropical country so it is generally hot in Thailand throughout most of the year, but a bicycle tour is a refreshing must-do activity when you are here. Cycling always creates a slight breeze to help cool you down.
During all our tours in Thailand we ride on flat terrain, so no climbing at all. We cycle in a relaxed pace, so everyone who can ride a bicycle can join our tours!
With plenty of refreshing drinks, enough stops for taking pictures and explanations of sights during our tours, we are sure that you will enjoy your bicycle excursion.

What if it rains?
We never cancelled a tour because of the weather and run the tour rain or shine.
The weather is unpredictable and rain can occur at any time, especially during the rainy season from May/June to October. Despite the term ‘rain season’, it definitely doesn’t rain all the time; most rain falls in the evening or the night and heavy rain rarely lasts more than 20-30 minutes.
Furthermore, rain can be very local here: it is possible that it’s raining at your hotel, while at the same time it’s sunny and dry at our office!
If it’s just raining lightly, we provide rain ponchos and continue cycling. During a heavy rain shower we will seek shelter and wait until the weather improves. Our guides know very well where to take our guests for cover during the rain showers.
And, an advantage of the rain: it offers a refreshing break from the tropical heat!

What should I wear on the tour?
We recommend you to wear light comfortable cotton clothing and closed shoes or sandals for a better grip (no flip flops).
Moreover, we suggest you bring sunglasses, sun-block and a cap or hat to protect you from the sun.

What do you recommend: the morning or afternoon tour?
Although most people think that the morning tour is much better, there’s not a lot of difference between the morning and afternoon.
When doing the morning tour you’ll have the advantage to start with a bit cooler temperature. But when joining the afternoon tour you’ll have the advantage that the heat cools down during the trip.
Therefore, best would be to do the tour when it suits you best.

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