Thailand presents an ideal destination for a fulfilling holiday experience! Explore a country brimming with diverse offerings where you receive great value for your money. Immerse yourself in a blend of culture, history, nature, culinary delights, adventure, and stunning beaches. The amiable and welcoming Thai people ensure an unforgettable vacation.

Established in early 2004 as Recreational Bangkok Biking, our mission was to deliver a distinct and memorable biking adventure in Bangkok. Over time, we have evolved into the ThailandBiking, with branches in Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai in addition to our base in Bangkok.

Our dedicated team of experts, equipped with extensive experience and profound knowledge of their homeland, curates cycling experiences that unveil hidden gems often missed by mainstream tourists.

This approach allows you to engage deeply with Thailand, enriching your holiday with invaluable experiences.

Our cycling excursions, conducted in small groups, offer a personalized touch, ample opportunities for inquiries, and capturing photographs.

Each location provides unique excursions designed around authentic local activities, enabling you to explore captivating sites inaccessible by car, bus, or train.

Through our collaborative approach, we are warmly welcomed wherever we go. We champion local enterprises by engaging their services and expressing our gratitude generously.

As a participant, you actively contribute to the sustainable development of the communities we visit.

We are looking forward to welcome you on one of our bicycle-fun adventures.

With warm regards from a sunny Thailand,

Andre Breuer
Founder ThailandBiking