Recreational Bangkok Biking en CSR

Recreational Bangkok Biking en CSR

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. Although the wise still didn’t agree whether a company should practice CSR or not, for us it’s a given that every person or company has responsibilities towards staff, community, environment and the world. NOT only to take, but try to preserve and to give something back to community and environment.

In our opinion every person/company should do its best to help/preserve and to give something back to the community/people/earth. While cycling through slum areas in Bangkok we see how life is passing by for an estimated 1,5 million of ‘Bangkok residents’. The kindness of these people and the warm welcome they give us every day is amazing. If you have a chance to see this yourself, you immediately would agree with “how can I help to make this place a bit better”. A question we, Westerners, often forget because of the busy lives we live.

Recreational Bangkok Biking (RBB) wanted to do something back to the community and in 2005 we set our goals: the Yennagart kindergarten.

The Yennagart kindergarten is located in a slum area in Yannawa, one of Bangkok’s districts. With our ‘Colors of Bangkok’ bicycle tour we pass this school and when not closed we stop to say hello to the 100 children in this school. Kindergarten schools are not mandatory in Thailand. Many kindergartens in Bangkok are private and way out of reach for slum-residents. Education is the base for every child/person to grow into a better life. The earlier children get education, the better the chances the children can pick up what they have been taught, and simply increases a successful study.

HDF (Human Development Foundation) operates more than 20 kindergartens in slums areas of Bangkok and the Yennagart school is one of them. Recreational Bangkok Biking is proud of its achievements towards HDF/Yennagart school. For a company as small as RBB, its achievements are huge and an example for companies considering helping the community. In the past years we have successfully coordinated, financed and delivered projects all children/education related.

To name a few of our projects:

  • Financed the running costs of the Yennagart school for several years
  • Refurbished the Yennagart school
  • Refurbished the Cue Ploen Nai school phase 1 & 2
  • Health Care kit for 4000 children
  • Reading project (books for 4000 children for 3 consecutive years)
  • Refurbished the Asoke school (new toilets & kitchen)
  • Made a new playground for the Nikom Makkasan school
  • New floor and refurbished Wat Klong Sapan school
  • Refurbished Sukaphiban school
  • Built a new school building for the Romklao Zone 9 school

Of course we couldn’t have done all this without financial support from some of our guests and companies. A special thanks goes to the crew members of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Wings of Support for their donations and continued support. Without you, it would have been impossible for us to carry out all the things we have done for these children. Thanks!

If you are interested in giving financial support to RBB helping the Yennagart school children and/or other projects, please contact us, or transfer your donation into Kasikorn Bank account 761-1-00525-8, account “RBB for Yennagart School” Bangkok, Thailand. Swift code KASITHBK

Or donate direct to the foundations we helped in the past years:

Wings of Support HDF-Mercy Centre


André Breuer