15 years! New bicycle! Happy customers!

4 January 2020

Founder Andre Breuer looks back to a festive 15th anniversary of Recreational Bangkok Biking.

Not because we are celebrating our third lustrum, we didn’t have enough time to celebrate that, we were too busy.

But we did celebrate two other achievements/events:

1: The arrival of our new bikes last November. Designed by Andre Breuer himself, based upon 15 years of biking experience in the Thai Capital. You can read more about this – cool, luxurious and safe- city tour-bike of Bangkok in our previous blog.

2: The continuous rise in number of tourists and expats who join us on our tours. Despite the growing competition trying to ride on the success of these bike tours, our clients grow in numbers. It seems people care more about quality and experience because we always see happy people return, who appreciate the many choices we provide. We are looking to expand the amount of choices even more next year.

Dutchman Andre Breuer (Born in The Hague, September 1st 1960) arrived in Bangkok in 1996 purely coincidentally. As partner of his then soon-to-be-wife who found a job in Bangkok.

Andre himself found a great job in textiles, with which he was experienced due to his experiences in the Netherlands. Next to this job, he served as tour-guide which gave him a lot of experience in the Thai tourism sector.

During a sabbatical he – as any true Dutchman would – went on to discover the beauties of Bangkok by bike. Every day he discovered new alleyways and exceptional neighborhoods which were unknown to tourists.
He also had exceptional meetings with Thai people who wondered who that cycling ‘farang’ (westerner) was.

Andre Breuer found enough pleasure in these trips that he came to the idea of showing others these routes as well. But there were no maps showing bike roads in and around Bangkok. Because of this Andre decided to create his own map of the city. In April of 2004 he became the founder of ‘Recreational Bangkok Biking’.

Now – 15 years later- his bike tours are not just in Bangkok, but also in Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya. You can read more about these tours here.

Everything about our unique bikes can be read in our previous blog here.

Recreational Bangkok Biking wishes you a happy new year in every way possible. And we look forwards to seeing you in 2020!

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