Our videos show happy cyclists

7 September 2019

We at Recreational Bangkok Biking have looked it up for you:

The Netherlands is the cycling country of the world. With more than 1 bike per inhabitant. Moreover: Almost every Dutchman cycles once in a while.

Germany is a good second. The bicycle was invented 103 years ago by a German. And his compatriots still cycle a lot. The inhabitants of Denmark are also very happy to get on their bikes.

Belgium is in the top 10 in terms of number of cyclists at the bottom. Belgians don’t like cycling very much. According to the research.

To our surprise. We always like it when we have Belgian customers. But do they really enjoy our tours?

Curiously we studied the videos that our guides made of each bike tour last month. With the camera on their shoulder. Nice tours with Dutch, Germans, British, French, Danes, Swiss, Austrians …

And yes. Also with Belgians. Happy!

The Geldermans family for example. With visible fun and laughter the family members in Bangkok drove after our guide. See the picture we cut out of the video!

Speaking of videos: We make them every day of every bike ride. Via a camera on the shoulder of our guides. Afterwards we make the images available to all participants. As a unique gift from Recreational Bangkok Biking. That’s how you don’t have anything else to do or pay for.

Just a few figures in a row.

Number of inhabitants cycling: Belgium 48%; Switzerland 49%; Finland 60%; Norway 61%; Sweden 63%; Germany 76%; Denmark 80%; Netherlands 99%.

Number of bicycles per inhabitant: Great Britain, Austria, Norway and Sweden 0.4 bicycle; Belgium and Switzerland 0.5 bicycle; Germany and Denmark 0.8 bicycle; Netherlands 1.1 bicycle.

Until our next blog. Or we hope to see you at one of our bike tours in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Ayutthaya!

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